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    13 October

    Working Out: Where to Start

    You are reading this – good start!

    Well everyone (including your favorite athlete or fitness role model) had to start somewhere. Nobody got rock solid abs and those toned legs naturally. Here’s a guide to get you started!

    Establish a realistic goal

    Whether it’s to gain some muscle or to lose a certain number of kilos by the end of the year – the start is a very similar approach. This is something to work towards and feel free to establish mini goals along the way to keep track of progress and/or keep you driven.

    Find out where you are in terms of fitness

    What’s your pulse rate? How long does it take for you to run a mile? How many push ups can you do in one go? BMI (Body Mass Index)? This will give you a baseline of where you are starting from and make you assess your improvement better.

    Speak to a Pro

    If you are over 40, it is advisable to speak to a doctor just to be aware of any further considerations you need to take towards exercise. If not, make sure you make the most of your gym by speaking to an instructor and possibly getting a coaching session to start off. So that you have the basics covered and there’s minimal risk of injury.

    Eat Right

    Some say that exercise is 20% of the journey towards weight loss and that 80% is attributable to the diet. Regardless of the accuracy there, the point is your diet is vitally important. Even if you want to gain weight/muscle – you need to eat good food that help fuel your body.

    Balanced Workout

    You may hate the weights room or not be too fond of the stepper at the start. It’s normal to find some aspects of exercise challenging/not to your liking initially. But stick to it. A bit of cardio, weights and flexibility training will overall leave you in better shape than just sticking to one.